The representation of a video recording is based on the quality of the video camera. The customers can analyse/watch the video with a high quality and pay attention to delails using our company, PromoteWay. We can cover a variaty of sport events and we can provide to the customers through our high quality video the chance to watch, comprehend and come to conclusion about their skills. Nowadays, sports' needs are bigger and the most important method of improving is by watching a video and recognise the strengths and weaknesses, not only for yourself/your team, but also the opponent.


This service provides the athlete/player or coach the opportunity to have their event in a professional way, as there will be a specialized editing process of the video. More specifically, the video will be edited and at its final format it will present the highlights. By adding special effects, combine differences recordings and isolate the natural sound of the video adding a unique one, you will be presented with the perfect video for presentation to a third person (media, social media etc.


The development of technology forces the athlete to have a Portfolio. Therefore, the digital portfolio can be used for personal, business or leisure purposes. By the possibilities offered by PromoteWay, the athlete concerned, may request full coverage of a sports event and at the same time, can have a personal video with professional montage of full games in action. Additionally, PromoteWay will present the personal details and characteristics of the interested athlete thus we will give a comprehensive description of him/her.